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Things to be excited about

Sarah Bahbah’s ‘it girl’ book of photo archives wants to be on your coffee table, London’s progressive Boiler Room is taking its concept on a world tour, Coachella will welcome a new dance music stage to its grounds, and you can win a summer trip to Finland, once again ranked the world’s happiest country.




This girl garage rock band from Madrid has been around since 2011 but they sound straight out of the 90s. Hinds  makes music that makes you want to let loose, and their new song, Coffee, makes me want to book a flight to Madrid STAT.


Daytrip’s first tradeshow! I booked a booth at a wholesale fashion show in Nashville (in two weeks!). Very excited to chit chat with boutique owners and get Daytrip bags stocked up at cute little shops across the country.

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